Techniques of Suffragists and Suffragettes Essay

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Describe the ways in which the methods of the suffragists and suffragettes were different.

Women started campaigning to win the vote in the 1850's. Small local groups had meetings nationwide to present their arguement for allowing women to vote. In 1877 - 78 there were 1,300 meetings - this represents how serious the women were.The campaigners were mainly middle class, as, upper class ladies most propably found "campaigning" and "argueing" unlady like and inappropriate. However this does not mean they they too did not want the right to vote.
The campaigners were known as The NUWSS (Suffragists) and were formed in 1897 by Millicent Garrett Fawcet - who, was finally rewarded when she saw, 60 years later, women recieving the vote. They
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- This kind of behaiviour was seen as outrageous through the public eye - however it soon became important news, it catched peoples attention and made them aware of how serious they were - willing to give their lives in order to recieve the vote. Emily Davisions death was, and still is, a well known incident that occured at the Derby race course. However both movements still managed to support each other e.g. a letter written by Mrs Fawcett to The Times when suffragettes leaders were in prision in 1906. "I hope that the more old fashioned Suffragists will stand by their comrades..." This support shows that although, they may use different methods and tatics they were still fighting for the same thing, still standing as one. This Unity shows great strenght and altogether makes them more stronger. However this "unity" may have been seen as a different matter in others eyes.. for example a cartoon drawn by Bernard Partridge was published in 1906 by Punch Magazine showing the difference between the two different campaigners.. The suffragist says to the sufragette, who, appears to be rather angry "YOU help our cause? Why, your it's worst enemy!" The opinion of the Cartoonist is not fact,and can be debated yet, it is understandable where he got this idea from. The

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