Teaching Language Learners Can Be Very Challenging Essay

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Teaching language learners can be very challenging but also very rewarding. Each language learner is usually at a different stage in the target language. This can make it difficult for a teacher to find ways to teach all the language learners in ways that will help them individually. According to Julianna Stancamoiano (2013) visuals, help learners grasp a concept because it allows the learner to “see” what they are learning. There are many ways to incorporate visuals in the classroom, you can use physical cues, pictures, image, graphics, and charts. These things will help the student visualize information. Ortiz and Grimes from Annenberg Learner (2016)(have stated that: “when students create a symbolic visual representation, they build higher-level thinking skills of inference and interpretation.” Using comprehensible input, or visual representations, in a low-stress setting when teaching language learners can help a learner, like Sue, reach the target language by showing visual cues, giving the learner options for completing a task, and it allows the learner to clarify their thoughts. These things will help the student visualize information. I currently work with a language learner who we will name Sue; Sue is currently a 15-year-old from Burma. Sue was not able to attend school while living in Burma because it was too far from his home; because of this Sue was unable to learn his first language formally. As he and his family settled in Lewisville Texas Sue was…

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