Essay about Teaching A Classroom Full Of Teen Age Girls

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Today’s typical secondary teacher has evolved in the past thirty years. The teacher needs to be someone who does more than make sure students understands a topic. Today’s teacher needs to facilitate learning in a variety of ways, engaging students to learn can take on many different forms. As a result of taking Baker’s EDU 5101 – Learning Theories, I now have a variety of best practices and strategies to facilitate in my classroom. I have been teaching freshman girl’s health and PE at Buhler High School for fifteen years. I decided almost two years ago to begin the process of earning my master’s degree in education from Baker University. My most recent class, Learning Theories, has helped evolve me as a teacher. I feel more comfortable trying new strategies in the Health classroom and allowing students to learn in ways they do best.
Teaching a classroom full of teen-age girls can be both a blessing and a curse. They are very social in nature, but very emotional with each other. Teaching in a way that focuses on how to bring out the best in each students emotional strengths and working on improving their weakness have been some of the greatest changes I have made in my classroom. Emotional literacy effects how our students will spend the rest of their lives when they graduate from high school. According to author Daniel Golman, “The price we pay for emotional literacy is in failed marriages and troubled families, in stunted social and work lives, in deteriorating…

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