Tawheed Research Paper

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Tawheed comes from an Arabic word which means that “oneness”.
There are three aspects of Tawheed.
1. Tawheed al Ruboobiyah.
2. Tawheed al Asma-was-Sifaat.
3. Tawheed al-Ibadaah.
The three characteristic of Tawheed in one verse: “Lord of the paradise and the world, and all the thing that is between them, so worship Him (alone) and be constant and patient in His worship. Do you know of anyone who is alike to Him?” (Surah Maryam 19:65)
These three categories overlap and are inseparable to such a degree that whoever neglects anyone aspect has failed to complete the requirements of Tawheed. Therefore, we have to maintain all three aspects of Tawheed to be considered a Muslim because if we don’t maintain any one of this category than we are doing shirk. And when we doing shirk we don’t consider a Muslim. Allah subhana wa tala said: “Most of them claim to believe in Allah, but they really commit shirk.” (Quran 12:106)
Now we see step by step how to maintain all three categories of Tawheed.
1. Tawheed al Ruboobiyah
Tawheed al Ruboobiyah is the belief that there is only one God for the entire universe, the One who is the Creator, Organizer, Planner etc. And He is Allah.
Allah said “say (O Muhammad): He is God (Allah), the One (Ahad)” (Quran 112:1) If anyone of who believe in God but doesn’t believe that everything is created by Allah that he is doing shirk in Tawheed al Ruboobiyah because Allah Subhana Wa’ta said: “Allah created all of the things and Allah is the agent on whom

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