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Talking to Yourself

Understanding the difference between mental disorders, especially the particular ones that exhibit similar symptoms, can be difficult if not even more so necessary. A lot of people often try to self diagnose themselves, for example, by labeling common emotions like mood swings as a manic depression. This can lead to someone thinking there is much more wrong with them than there actually is, making things worse by worrying or attempting to buy unnecessary medication. With this in mind, people should know the contrasts between mental illnesses that seem more similar than they actually are. Further severe disorders like schizophrenia and multiple personality disorders are two of the most complicated mental conditions to
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While they both involve this, people experiencing schizophrenia will live in paranoia and fear that somebody is speaking to them outside of their mind, or as if they were watching them in the same room. Researchers have found that the area of the brain in which becomes active when understanding and hearing language is operative in a schizophrenic’s mind when they claim to hearing voices. The vocalizations are caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain (can be controlled with medication) which further explains that the victim of the disorder will consequently undergo hallucinations of someone else. People will see often see a family member, friend, or even a deceased love one speaking to them outside of their mind rather than it being their own common voice that someone without the illness often experiences in their head. Schizophrenia is a split from reality and the person experiencing the …show more content…
They will endure the sounds as very distinct fragments of their conscious and who they are as a whole person. Some parts will show themselves at random times, portraying different mannerisms and identity habits than their core personality would. Usually two or more voices will change on and off, and because of this, cause the victim of the disorder to act out in the personality of the voice in control. People will often have no memory of what they have said in the past, as well as variations in major memories such as their own history, gender, or race. Researchers have found that there is no chemical imbalance in the brain, and therefore, the voices in their head are more so real and can not be treated in any way with medication. Multiple personality disorder is a dissociative split in someone’s mind rather than their surroundings.
Schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder can be hard to distinguish between, particularly because they both include differences in auditory and visual hallucinations, who and when people can get the disorders, as well as the implied meaning of a split mind. These two contrasting aspects are essential to know if you had a friend or family member that began showing the previous mentioned symptoms. It is also important to note that many other disorders also have similarities in their symptoms, so it is necessary to get a professional

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