Tale Of Fire And Ice Analysis

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The poem of "A Tale Of Fire and Ice" by Andrea Dietrich is a unique type of poem because of its structure, punctuation, diction, tone, and the amount of literary devices that were used. Structure is the set up of the poems, and the amount of lines and stanzas. In the poem "A Tale Of Fire and Ice" the set up was in two parts. One part is labeled "Part 1: Ice" (Dietrich 1) and the other "Part 2: Fire" (Dietrich 18). Under each part the set up has four stanzas with four lines in each. Throughout the poem the punctuation was constant of where the periods, commas, and question marks were placed. Usually at the end of a line there is a period, comma, or a question mark. At the end of each stanza the line that was repeats and uses punctuation like …show more content…
The tone of the poem is a dramatic tone. The author 's story is about two people that perfect for each other, but each one of them has a dark past. Diction is the author 's word choice in his or her writing piece. Throughout the poem the author used a lot of great diction that helped create the dramatic tone with words like, "tycoon" (Dietrich 3), "deceive" (Dietrich 6), "allure" (Dietrich 14), "disguised" (Dietrich 15), and "feign" (Dietrich 29). "Tycoon" denotation is businessperson of great wealth and power."Deceive" connotation is to trick someone into doing or saying something. Often when the word "deceive" is used it is never a good thing because someone is causing pain to another with their deception. "Allure" denotation is to attract or tempt by something flattering or desirable."Disguised" connotation is to cover something up or to falsely show something."Feign" denotation is invented fictitiously or deceptively. These words and the other words, in the poem help create the dramatic tone because each word connotation and denotation, with the words creating a …show more content…
Simile is comparing this thing together using like or as. In the every first line of the poem is author used a simile that compared a man 's look to the moon "He shines like silver midnight moon-" (Dietrich 2). Consonance is a repeated constant sound in the same line. In the poem line 21, two words share the 's ' sound "precisely picks the time and place" (Dietrich 21). Another example of consonance is "Like ink the color red, she stains" (Dietrich 24) "like" and "ink" share an 'ike ' sound. In addition, imagery is creating a mental imagine for the words. The author describes the man in the poem as a very attractive man who "makes the ladies swoon," (Dietrich 4). The man tried to find love, but "thought the search for love was done." (Dietrich 12). The portrays the women in the poem as a dreamer looking for love, she doesn 't want it to be fake, she wants real true love. Allusion is writing or mentioning about another piece of writing like the Bible. The author mention Genevieve "of Genevieve, of Genevieve." (Dietrich 9) that symbolizes the love. The allusion fits with the poem because it is about two people that are perfect for each other. Final literary device is rhyme scheme is a word that on at the end of every line, that rhymes with the last word of the next lines. Each line in one stanza rhyme together and it continues throughout the whole poem, but rhyming word changes for

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