Essay about System Requirements Specification

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Software Requirements Specification
Automated Car Parking
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1. Introduction * 1.1 Purpose of this document
Document is being made to reduce the time waste. * 1.2 Scope of this document
This Document include the client and Parking area and Administration of Parking area And a car will be parked automatically.
The client have to drive the car to the proper place from where the computer will pick the car and park it into the proper allotted place. There will be a specific cost for specific time period on the parking of the car. * 1.3 Overview
As the client give the proper data and parked the car, The car will be parked in the area after the time period client come back to pick
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3.1 lot sensor: 3.2.5 Description:
Sensors are installed in the lot so that they can sense where the space is empty to fill by the car or if the space is not empty the lot is full no more car can be parked in the lot. specific ticket no. 3.2.6 Criticality
It is very essential for the whole system, if there would be no sensor then there will be a huge wastage of time to go to the every place and check the empty places. 3.2.7 Technical issues
There will cameras fixed in each cabin and also a magnetic sensor will be there which will check the empty places and cross check the camera signal. 3.2.8 Risks the system cannot operates the function if there is fluctuation in the electric supply as the fluctuation in the electric supply can cause the disturbance in the magnetic sensors hence disturb the signal for empty place.

3.2 Interface: 3.3.9 Description: There will an interface for the user to get the car park and get the proper receipt of the car so that when the user get back to get the car back, user will enter the receipt no and get the car back. 3.3.2 Criticality
It is the most important thing in the automated car parking .If it is not there, there will no chance that the user enter the data about the car and get the Reponses from the system about the status of the car. 3.3.3

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