Symptoms And Treatments Of Depression And Schizophrenia Essay

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Over 401 million people all over the world suffer from depression and schizophrenia. There is a link between mental illness and creative genius, and scientists have found that eminently creative individuals have a much higher rate of chronic depression. On the other hand, it has also been proven that depression is the cause of two-thirds of the suicides in the United States every year. If those with depression and schizophrenia are not forced to get treated, the illnesses could cause self-harm or even death. However, famous creative geniuses who have suffered from depression and schizophrenia claim that their illness is the reason for their creativity and works of art and without this illness, they would not be able to produce the same work. Although there are some downsides of these illnesses, they creates a creative outlet for people and allow them to be innovative, make beautiful works of art, and create inspiring music. People who suffer from depression and schizophrenia should have a choice in whether or not they should be treated.
Depression is a serious problem that causes many people to feel despondent and neglected. Depression can be caused by many things including genetic, biological, environmental, and psychological factors (NIH, n.d). Although this source does not have an author, it is a reliable source because it was published and written by the National Institute of Mental Health which is the largest scientific organization in the world dedicated to research…

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