What Is Alzheimer's?

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What is Alzheimer’s? By definition, Alzheimer’s is a progressive mental deterioration that can occur in the middle or old age, due to generalized degeneration of the brain. It is the most common cause of premature senility. In this report I will be discussing certain aspect of Alzheimer’s such as the development of the disease, stages of Alzheimer’s, signs and symptoms, causes and also the diagnoses and treatments. Many people are suddenly hit with Alzheimer’s and it’s a tragic and sad thing. It’s very hard having a family member with Alzheimer’s and see them suffer. At the end of this report you will have more knowledge about Alzheimer’s. Many researchers have said that the development of Alzheimer’s usually comes from heredity, old age or …show more content…
Each one significantly increases with strength. Stage one is when the disease is not detectable and there is no actual memory loss. At stage two the subject may start to forget things and lose things but it will not be severe enough for any friends or family members to know that a disease is developing. At this point it is just a normal thing that comes with age and is also undetectable. Stage three the memory problems are now much more noticeable and friends and family will likely catch on that something is wrong. At this stage the subject may have trouble finding the right words in a conversation or even remembering names or events. With stage four they clearly have Alzheimer’s disease. Forgetting details about their life and poor short term memory are normal effects of this stage. Stage five they now start to need assistance with daily activities such as dressing themselves. Second too last is stage six and the subject will need supervision at all times and care. Symptoms for this stages are confusion, behavior problems, assistance in daily activities, unable to recognize faces of family and friend, and also loss of bladder and bowl control. The last stage, stage seven unfortunately the subject is now nearing death because they loss communication skills, they can no longer take care of themselves, they do not know how bad their condition is. The subject could also lose their inability to swallow which means they will lose vast …show more content…
They also do a physical examination and check neurological function. As stated before Alzheimer’s cannot be detected early. Doctors first rule out any other problems to prove it is Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. To diagnose this disease, they may run blood test and urine test as well as brain scans. Treatment for Alzheimer’s can include activities of daily living and support groups. There is also drug therapy for the disease although these drugs do not prevent nor make the disease go away it does help reduce its symptoms. In conclusion, Alzheimer’s disease is complicated, especially because doctors cannot detect this disease early. Many people suffer with this disease but I hope in this report that you will understand more about Alzheimer’s. The development, stages, signs and symptoms, causes and, the diagnosis and treatment for this disease is a lot to take in but it is all important. Even if it seems something as small as forgetting more often always take the precautious and get tested. It
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