Essay on Symptoms And Symptoms Of Anorexia

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A substantial number of people undergo the debilitating effects of anorexia each year. Although the term means lack of desire to eat, individuals suffering from anorexia physically feel hunger until the later stages of the disease. A majority of these victims are female and between the ages of 15 and 19. The characteristics of this mental illness include limiting food intake, purging, or intense physical activity due to the immense fear of gaining weight. The victims suppress their desire to eat and the symptoms of hunger to induce weight loss. This is due to a distorted view of their body in which they believe themselves to overweight. (Kazmierczak, Patryn, and Niedzlielsk, 2013)
This disease is pervasive between approximately 1.2% and 4.2% of females in a variety of countries and impacts about 0.3% of adolescent females. Essentially, its victims suffer through a self-imposed starvation. Although the causes are not entirely comprehended, factors such as depression, anxiety, and perfectionism play a substantial part in the formation of this illness. (Yom-Tov and Boyd, 2013)
Furthermore, countless psychological and social factors take a considerable role in the development of anorexia. However, the media generally fabricates it to seem like a tedious preoccupation with one’s appearance and as a feat which can be easily overcome. There are a considerable amount of unpleasant aspects of this disease not shown through the media’s portrayal of anorexia. These include hair loss…

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