The Color Purple By Alice Walker Essay

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Alice Walker is a very well-known American author and is particularly known for her award-winning book “The Color Purple.” Walker makes a point to make the titles of her literary work display the exact meaning behind her work. Such as in “The Color Purple” the title comes from a scene in the book in which Shug Avery asks Celie if she takes the time to notice what little things God does to show them that he loves them. Then Shug replies with, "I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it," This moment is realization to Celie that she doesn’t notice these little things and therefore becomes a changing point in her life. Titling her work “The Color Purple” wraps up the whole message of her …show more content…
The quilts that Dee wants from her mother are family treasures and while Dee wants to preserve them, Maggie wants to use them how they are supposed to be used. Quilts are made to be used and worn out, which is exactly the opposite of what Dee wants to use them for. The mother realizes that quilts are meant to be used and although they should be treasured, setting them aside to preserve them does them no justice because they are not being used as intended. Rarely do people make family quilts for them to just be hung up and looked at, they are made to be used. Which is the reason the mother promises them to Maggie because she knows she will take good care of them and use them for their purpose. Obviously, this relates to the title “Everyday Use” because the whole message in the story is that some things are meant to be used everyday even if that means they get worn out, such as quilts are meant to be used rather than treasured and admired to the point in which they don 't get used as intended. Once again, Walker does a good job of choosing a title that directly relates to her story and shows the message conveyed, which leads me to my next

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