Don T Play Favorites In Everyday Use, By Alice Walker

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Don’t Play Favorites
(A Description on life lessons you can learn from Everyday Use, by Alice Walker)

Do you know anybody that plays favorites? In this story is about a sibling rivalry between two daughters, Dee and Maggie. There is also a tense relation between the mom and the daughters. The mom tends to play favorites with one of the daughters, Dee, and she tends to get everything she wants, when she wants. “Let me say right here, right now--you're right, we are.” (Buck). Some people even admit that they pick favorites and aren’t afraid to show it. Because of this, there is tension with the family, and not everyone always gets along. You can learn a lot from reading this story and it might make you rethink some things you’re doing in life.
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Dee does not actually want any of the possessions, but she acts like she does because it looks good. She just wants people to see her as someone who loves her family and is perfect in every way. In Everyday Use, by Alice Walker, Dee says, “No, I don’t want those. They are stitched around the borders by machine.” (1318). She didn’t want it, but later she said she would have it because it makes her look better. On the other hand, Maggie actually wants the different items because they mean something to her, and because it is a family heritage. “Family means the world to me.” (Branson). Maggie thinks of her family so high and loves them with all her …show more content…
“to be in charge, to make the big decisions…” (Schutz). She wants to give some quilts to either Maggie or Dee, normally Dee gets everything because the mom has always favorited her. This time tho, the mom doesn’t play favorites and she truly looks at who deserves it the most. These quilts show power and love in the family, so they mean a lot to the mom. While trying to decide, the mom finally realizes that Dee always gets what she wants and she's had enough. So the mom ends up giving Maggie the quilts, knowing that she will use them and treasure them so much more than Dee ever would of. In Everyday Use, by Alice Walker, Dee says, “Maggie can’t appreciate these quilts! She’d probably be backward enough to put them to everyday use.” (1319). Dee wasn’t even going to use the quilts, she would’ve just took them and kept them in a closet or something. She didn’t actually care about them, but the mother made a good and the right choice. This is a great message to live by, from both the mom and the daughters. The mom finally realized that she has been making the wrong decision for the past years. And the daughter should always love your family and be proud to be a part of it. In this story, Everyday Use, by Alice Walker, there are three important messages that you could benefit from. They all deal with loving your family and never be ashamed to be a part of it. Your family has your back through

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