Summary Of To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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Harper Lee uses two things in the story to symbolize how it could be referenced to killing a Mockingbird. The author states that in the book how gentle a Mockingbird is a how it does nothing wrong but give us calming music with its very delightful singing. Mockingbirds were the only bird that Atticus said Scout and Jem could not shoot when they first got the air rifles. Mockingbirds only bring joy so no one harms them intentionally. Miss Maudie is the one who says the great things about them on how they don't tear up gardens or make nests where ever they want.

The first true sign of showing someone like a Mockingbird is Tom Robinson. He was convicted of strangling and beating on Mayella, Mr. Ewells daughter. But he could have never done it since Atticus proved in the courthouse that he would simply have needed two arms to do any harm. Atticus showed that Tom was innocence jsut like a mcokingbird but yet since he was an african american they chose he was guilty and they couldnt even look at thim affter becuase they knew in there hearts that he was an innocence amn but racism was too big they had to basically harm a mocking bird whne he never hurt anyone he was one of the nicest men you will meet even Mr. Link Deas even had stood up to show the court and vouch that Tom would never do this sort of thing espically harm a white young lady. In the book, Harper Lee compares Tom Robinson death to sorta like a senseless slaughter of songbirds by hunters and children. Tom Robinson had to
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She shows how Tom Robinson should have never died but because of racism in those times, he had been killed for escaping something he should never have. A Mockingbird is special just like Boo Radley and Tom. They didn't think it is right to give Boo Credit so they just played it off on his own fault.A killing of a Mockingbird is one of the most horrible things you can do and Mr. Ewell did just

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