Essay on Symbolism Of Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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Literature, one of the greatest ways for authors to express emotions, past experiences, and life lessons. Most authors use symbols in their writing to provide a deeper meaning for their readers. Harper Lee an author, famous for her book, To Kill a Mockingbird uses symbols to display to the readers morals aside the actual context of the book. Throughout the book, she constantly talks about things or incidents which at first may just seem irrelevant but with further investigation they reflect upon the problems or messages that the author wants to display. Some major symbols that stick out are, the knothole that Scout and Jem encounter, the crazy dog that Atticus killed, and the mockingbird. Harper Lee uses symbolism in her novel, To Kill a Mockingbird in order to portray historical and social issues, creating a deeper meaning and understanding for the reader.
The Knothole is a place where Jem and Scout constantly find small object hidden, at first they think that it’s a hiding place, but when no one claims it theirs, they take them in as gifts. Every time they come back, they is something new for them. This creates a source of communication between them and the unknown giver. The knothole signifies a relationship between the Finch kids and Arthur Radley. When Mr. Nathan fills the hole with cement, this communication breaks. In the book, Jem and Scout write a letter, to put in to the knothole for the person giving them the gift. “‘You reckon we oughta write a letter to…

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