Symbolism Of ' Everyday Use ' Essay

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Symbolism is important because it is used in writing to give meaning to the piece of literature beyond of what is actually being described and gives the story more depth. Symbolism is when an object or character symbolizes something much more powerful than what we can see. Symbols are visible they stand for something that is not visible; this carries different meanings depending on one’s cultural background. For example; a lion can symbolize courage, the lion is what we can see while courage is what we cannot see, yet it is not only the lion that is there, but the lion also stands for courage. In the short story of “Everyday Use” the mother-daughter relationship is stressed and interprets the African-American Woman’s individuality in terms of this bond and other family connections. The story starts with Mama Johnson and Maggie nervously waiting for Dee to arrive home, for it has been many years since they’ve seen her. Once Dee finally arrives Mama and Maggie are surprised of how much Dee has changed. She was wearing bright African clothes and speaking an African language, she was accompanied by a male who she never introduced, well at least not as her boyfriend nor husband. As soon as Dee arrived she was amused by all of the things she saw and remembered of her “past life”, now she seemed to be a wealthy vibrant woman who wanted to reconnect with her family, but it was obviously all a lie. All Dee ever went for a visit to her Mama’s house
was because she wanted…

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