Symbolism Of A & P And The Character Development Of Sammy Essay

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Heyi Gong
ENG 1020
Dr. Alexander
Sept. 28 2016
The Symbols of “A & P” and the Character Development of Sammy Symbols are always used in literary works. Symbols which are used by the writers always indicate a specific characteristic; it also helps to establish the settings of the story and the process of building up a significant character. As John Updike uses a lot symbols in his short story “A & P,” the symbols imply the society during that period of time. John Updike also developed the irreplaceable character of the story, Sammy, the narrator and the cashier of “A & P” by using the symbolic terms throughout the story. The “A & P”, as known as the “The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company”, is located in the middle of town, “two banks and the Congregational church and the newspaper store and three real-estate offices” (Updike 132). When Updike chooses the “A & P” market store he already symbolizes the market as the society during that period of time. Atlantic and Pacific is the sea that surrounds America, while also a market is a place where the social norms and majority value of society gathers. Updike chooses this specific super market to imply the society of America during the 1960s’. According to M. Gilbert Porter’s article “John Updike 's 'A & P ': The Establishment and an Emersonian Cashier”, the supermarket is “the best values in town can be found. It is the common denominator of middle-class suburbia, an appropriate symbol for the mass ethic of a…

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