Symbolism By Alice Walker : Symbolism And Symbolism Essay

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Symbolism often gives meaning to an object, person or idea. It sometimes shows how much something means to a person or place. Such as horse represents a cowboy, a road represents the endless opportunities ahead or even how a the American flag represents freedom in every way. Symbols are everywhere and are used for everyday things. A clock symbolizes the time of day and the moon represents the end of the work day. Colors can mean many things such as life, death, or nature. The color blue symbolizes a new day. Black symbolizes death or depression. Red means blood or love. Symbols are everywhere you just have to go and find them. In this 1973 short story by Alice Walker describes symbolism through objects of meaning to a family. Maggie, a shy girl with burn scars down her arms and legs, would want nothing but her sister to leave. Dee, a selfish daughter who takes advantage of her family’s kindness and who isn’t used to being told “No”. Mamma Johnson, a strong independent single mother who loves her daughters equally. During the time of the civil rights movement, Dee comes home to “visit” her family and with her boyfriend Hakim-a – Barber, to show him how she once lived before. Mama Johnson, who is excited to see her and Maggie, who is covered in burns scars, from her hands and feet, can’t wait for her to leave. After taking her mother’s butter churn that was passed down, she also wants to take family made quilts. Fighting to keep her promise to her daughter, Maggie,…

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