Essay on Sylvia Plath 's Life Of Plath

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The life of Plath Sylvia Plath was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1932 and is known to be one of the greatest writers of all time. Her rise to stardom began after her death, in which she committed suicide at the age of thirty. Her unique style of writing is based on her troubled life, as a feminist Sylvia Plath was trying to express her feeling as a woman through her work. Her work The collected Poems is a collection of poems that give rise to the following questions; who is Sylvia Plath? What is Sylvia Plath teaching us about herself? How much of this is self proposed? Did her expectations of life lead her to depression? Why isn 't there another Sylvia Plath? Her work of The Collected Poems helps us break down and analyze Sylvia Plath and determine if her life really was cruel and unfair or was it all self proposed. Sylvia Plath’s road towards depression started at a young age. It started around the age of eight, which was around the time her father passed away. She went on to write the poem titled “Daddy” in which she writes and expresses her feeling about her father’s death. She feels betrayed and mentions this in another one of her poems titled “On the Decline of Oracles” in the second stanza she writes, “My father died, and when he died he willed his books and shell away. The books burned up, sea took the shell,

Romero 2 but I keep the voices he set in my ear”. The way I interpret this quote is the shell represents her father and if one were to put the shell next…

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