Swot Analysis : Using T Test Essay

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The definition of a paired sample defined as, “A paired sample is a one-to-one linking between the data in the two groups such that each value in group 1 corresponds to a single value in group 2” (Mirabella, 2011, p. 5-5). The t-test for paired samples computes the differences within each pair of observations and analyzes the differences. When conducting a hypothesis test for paired samples, the samples selected from one population are related to the corresponding sample from the second population. Paired sample t-test are used to compare two population means in the case in which the two samples are correlated. As stated by Mowery (2011, p. 321), “Determination of the number of needed study participants is based on the power desired for the paired t-test and the effect size expected.”

“A paired t test is used in such crossover test designs to compare the amount of change of A to that of B for the same subjects” (Tae Kyun, 2015, p. 540). In our case, we want to determine if there is a difference in the mean GPA from the Bachelors to the Masters program. Therefore, we must compute the mean GPA of the students which were enrolled in the Bachelor 's program and then find the mean GPA of the students in the Master 's program to test if there is in fact a difference. Even more so, there are assumptions that must be met such as only matched pairs can be used to perform the tests, must be normally distributed, the two samples must be equal, and the cases must be independent…

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