Essay on Swot Analysis : ' The ' Nick '

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Biopsychosocial Information
“Nick” is a fifteen-year old African American male that has been a resident at The Bridge since July, 2016. Prior to being referred for treatment by truancy court, Nick had been smoking approximately ten blunts a day and spending money on a daily basis for marijuana. There has been a history of family conflict and recently, Nick’s paternal grandmother passed away from cancer. He was residing with his mother and father along with his two younger siblings. Nick’s mother and father have been together for approximately twenty years. Their relationship has faced many struggles that have included infidelity and abuse. According to Nick, he has a close relationship with his younger sister (age ten) and his younger brother (age fourteen). He has stated that he looks out for them, especially his younger brother. Nick also has a criminal history. In the past, he has committed armed robbery while he was under the influence of marijuana. There is no history of him using any other substances.
Nick has been able to identify both areas of strengths as well as areas of improvement for himself. These areas could assist him through treatment but also could create barriers for him in the future. He states some of these strengths include being polite and caring. Nick also enjoys reading, listening to music as well as learning about the culinary arts. He has admitted that he struggles with controlling his anger. Nick has explained that one significant…

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