Swift 's Satire : The Whig And Tory Division Essays

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Indeed Swift’s satire is seen as “savage, relentless” whereas Gay’s is “gentle and comic” (Dearing 16). Swift is, of course well known for his very judgemental and political satires as well as his political engagement first with the Whig then the Tory. Yet Swift was the first to put politics in ridicule either by ‘reducing’ them as he did in Gulliver’s Travels where in Book 1 the Whig and Tory division is represented by a separation inside the Lilliputian court according to the size of their shoe heels, between high heels and low heels or by taking an extreme stance. But his satires did not criticized or points out the negative, on certain cases it also furnishes an answer to the problem it had raised. Indeed in A Modest Proposal for instance Swift, although he supposedly promote cannibalism, also gives more realistic solutions but he present them in a ironical way and in true Scriblerian fashion: by telling it should not be talked about. Gay on the other hand is mostly known for his pastoral poems and his burlesque works. Often underestimated when put in comparison with Swift or Pope, he has nevertheless, produced some political satires such as A Ballad. On Ale or Panegyrical Epistle to Mr Thomas Show which were in direct reaction to the South Sea Bubble incident of 1721 which was a financial failure for many, Gay included. Even though Gay’s goal might have been focused on entertaining and to be “commercially attractive” (Nokes 135) , which can be explained by his…

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