Essay on Sustainable Tourism : Eco Tourism

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Sustainable tourism has been defined in a number of ways by tourists and the most acceptable meaning seems to be “Sustainable tourism is the concept of visiting a place as a tourist and trying to make only a positive impact on the environment, society and economy (Lisse, 2014).” The fundamental premise behind sustainable tourism is that the tourism activities respect the locals who call that place home, their culture as well as their custom, and as well as the socioeconomic system. While often confused with eco-tourism, it is not eco-tourism, while; eco-tourism is only a sub-set of sustainable tourism. Ecotourism focuses on minimize impact and maximize protection of all resources, including energy and water. However, sustainable tourism focuses on respect for local culture and customs. The idea is not to hide the culture of the tourist but to absorb the culture of the local area. Because of the cultural awareness and environmental awareness in the local customs and resources are left un-harmed. By procuring the local products and services while being at the location, there is a contribution to the local economy and this further fuels the concept of sustainable tourism (Wood, 1991). Another important aspect of sustainable tourism is social sustainability and the focus on the human rights of the locals and increasing opportunities for the locals. While economic sustainability increases tourism profits, social sustainability deals with the distribution of…

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