Sustainability And Its Impact On The Environment Essay

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The idea of sustainability is heavily contested amongst different groups of people for a multitude of reasons. It is generally accepted that sustainability consists of three factors that contribute to an ideal society: financial, environmental and social stability. However, on a larger scale, it is often not considered by governments and other decision makers, who focus on sustainability of their own people almost exclusively, while letting other communities suffer. Often, this involves prioritizing social and financial stability, while neglecting the environmental aspect. The effect of this view is seen in disadvantaged communities that are suffering the consequences of our disregard for global sustainability. People of smaller island nations are feeling the effects of climate change much more severely than we are currently, despite the fact that it is our actions, not theirs that is causing it in the first place. The view of most environmentalists is that the third pillar of sustainability, the environment, should be considered to be of equal importance to the other two factors to create a stable global community.
Most people on the planet are concerned about sustainability. It is human nature to care about our future, but the way in which different people go about it can vary greatly. Like the rest of society, all governments are concerned with sustainability. One of their main roles is to ensure a happy and safe future for their current and future peoples, yet their view…

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