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Did you know that the contemporary version of what is known as Sushi was originally three sizes bigger than it is today? I am a food addict, and so far out of all the different cuisines that I have tried none replace my number one choice. My favorite cuisine is Sushi, a traditional Japanese dish that can be found almost anywhere around the world, each place combining it with different ingredients without leaving out its main ingredients, which are rice and fish. With so many possible variations it almost feels that you are experiencing a different plate every time you try it. Because of this reason Sushi is a cuisine for all types of palates.
Typically, sushi consists of cooked vinegared rice mixed with other ingredients such as, vegetables, seafood and even tropical fruits sometimes. To prepare sushi, one can use either white or brown rice. Raw seafood is mostly used in preparing it, however, there are some
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Usually, Makizushi is wrapped in seaweed, otherwise known as Nori. However, it can also be wrapped in shsiso (perilla) leaves, cucumber, soy paper or a thin omelette once in a while. Sushi rolls or Maki Sushi comes in several variations. Generally, it has five kinds of rolls; Temaki, Uramaki, Chumaki, Hosomaki and Futomaki. Temaki is a “hand roll” with the shape of a cone; Uramaki has an “inside-out roll”, where nori is placed on the inside and rice is on the outside; Chumaki has a “medium roll” with nori on the outside and rice on the inside; both Futomaki and Hosamaki have the same arrangement of nori and rice as Chumaki. However, Hosomaki has a “thin roll” while Futamaki has a “thick roll”.
The meaning of Nigirizushi is “hand pressed sushi”. Typically, this variety is made out of sushi rice that is formed by hand into a rectangle. A swipe of wasabi is then put on top of the rectangle and then some kind of Neta or topping is added. In most cases, the Neta is usually Tuna, Salmon or some other kind of seafood.

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