Susan Hill Collins 's ' Get Your Freak On : Sex, Babies And Images Of Black Feminity

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The Possessive Investment in Whiteness will be used to show the racial oppression of African American females. Portrayed as sexual deviants, bad Black mothers, and drug addicted mothers that are punished by racist drug policies following the introduction of crack cocaine to inner-city communities. These racial policies of oppression imposed on African American women are documented in Dorothy E. Roberts’s “Punishing Drug Addicts Who Have Babies: Women of Color, Equality, and The Right of Privacy” and will be compared to similar punishment faced by women in Patricia Hill Collins’s article: "Get Your Freak On: Sex, Babies and Images of Black Feminity." In contrast Roberts’s article concentrates on the racist treatment of black drug addicted mothers, but delves into the mythological sexual deviations of Black women in explaining the history of the oppression of Black women. Whereas Collins’s focus is sexual deviations, exploitation, and the denigration of Black women in the media, while also touching on drug addicted mothers.
The Possessive Investment in whiteness in the United States is “more than the product of private prejudices, whiteness emerged as a relevant category in American life largely because of realities created by slavery and segregation, [and] by conquest and colonialism. A fictive identity of "whiteness" appeared in law as an abstraction, and it became actualized in everyday life in many ways” (Lipsitz 1995, 370). The institution of slavery, sexually…

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