Susan Glaspell, The Playwright Of Trifles Essay

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Playwrights have the ability to control the way the reader directionally and physically visualize their work. Susan Glaspell, the playwright of Trifles, uses the elements of drama to aid the creation of a stimulating mystery. In Trifles, Glaspell tells the tale of a murder needing to be solved through two different perspectives represented by the two different sexes. A group of men and women enter the Wright’s farmhouse to find evidence and investigate the crime scene of Mr. Wright’s murder. In order to create her play, Glaspell employs the elements of setting and language to unravel her play both directly and indirectly. As a playwright Glaspell uses these elements in her play, Trifles, to illustrate gender inequality, and more specifically, that traditional gender roles are often incorrect and unnecessary.
Historically, men and women have been placed in specific gender roles that categorize how they should behave. The setting of Trifles takes places in the typical area of the home mainly inhabited by women, the kitchen, in this case “a gloomy kitchen” (Glaspell 915). Typical of the male gender stereotype, the men leave the kitchen and go off to other rooms because they cannot even believe that any useful evidence would be found in the kitchen. Glaspell dismisses the common power and authority given to males by having them “physically crisscross the stage as they verbally crisscross the details of the crime, both actions leading nowhere, staged to show ineffectuality and…

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