Susan Cain 's `` Quiet `` Essay

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In Quiet, Susan Cain (2013) argued that most people undervalue introverts, and therefore she attempts to show us how much we lose by doing so. She describes the rise of the extrovert culture in the 21st century and explains how deeply it has influenced the western culture. Additionally, she introduces an example of successful introverts from people who recharges in loneliness after his talks then to a record-breaking sales associate who taps into the questioning power. Passionately argued and well researched, Quiet attempts to permanently change our perspectives towards introverts, and most importantly, make introverts change how they see themselves. In this task, I am going to summarize Susan Cain’s book (2012) Quiet: The power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking
In the argument of the culture of character, the ideal self is serious, disciplined and, most importantly honorable. Susan advocates that what most remarkable impression of an individual is the one that is made in private rather than in public. Cain asserts that the Western culture has a bias towards the extrovert character which she describes as the Extrovert Ideal. She explains that the extrovert character is the state of being social and talkative. The Western community prefers the extrovert ideal because of his/her nature of quick making of decisions, preference of action to contemplation and the ability to work well with teams.
Cain (2013) asserts that successful energy means that the team…

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