Supply, Demand and Price Elasticity Essay

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Organizing Function of Southwest Regional Maintenance Center
Corey L. Jackson
RES 341
January 6, 2012
Donald Ratliff

Southwest Regional Maintenance Center (SWRMC) supports the Navy fleet by offering world-class maintenance to the ships, allowing them to complete their missions. Not only does SWRMC provide a forum for Sailors to maintain their job training, it supplements Ship’s Force, allowing time off for the crew onboard the ships. Also utilized is a hub for contractors in the San Diego region to provide maintenance and some training to the waterfront, using a Multi-Ship, Multi-Option (MSMO) contract. Working with so many entities makes organizing a vital key to the execution of the work provided by SWRMC. Resources allow for the
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Importance falls on keeping employees happy. Happy employees are productive employees. Knowing how to manage finances is a key role in the success of a business. Working for the military makes it quite difficult to manage budgets. As the years of the recession and war are going by, all aspects of the military are expected to do more with less. Innovative ways of managing the budget are coming about all the time, however, the money for work that is conducted at SWRMC comes from multiple sponsors. The final major need for monetary responsibility lays in supply. Without material, maintenance technicians cannot perform their tasks. With tasks incomplete, ships may go elsewhere for repair and maintenance, and the employees at the command will then be redeployed elsewhere. While SWRMC has had problems adapting to the financial crisis, it has learned to come out above, leading the way for all the regional maintenance centers worldwide.
Human Resources
Human resources (HR), as mentioned earlier are a huge factor in the organizing function of management. Human resources management deals with formal systems for managing people at work . Human resources consist of staffing, training, performance appraisals, rewards, and labor relations. HR creates value for the employees, as well as protects them. It is important to have a liaison between employees and top level management. Aside from the employees, HR has proven to

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