Summary Of ' Voices Of Freedom Essay

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Paper #1: Chapters 1-3 of Voices of Freedom Looking back at the whole occurrence of the discovery of the New World it becomes evident the many hardships that the colonial settlers caused which justifies the egocentric intentions of the many Europeans. It seems that even though the settlers were fleeing from a country that forced views among themselves or caused unjust situations; the colonists were precisely acting on the foreign population, who they viewed as “lesser”, similarly to that of their homelands. Although at the time the occurrence was not obvious, looking at it from today’s standpoint, it is quit ironic. On more than one instance the settlers treated distinctive groups with an inhumane disrespect with no regard to their well-being. Beginning with Natives at harbor, to the desperate indentured servants, and eventually the trading of African slaves; these lives were forever changed negatively due to arrival of the Europeans upon the New World. The story of the Native Americans is a vile one. From the first landing of the Spanish, Natives were innocent to what would become of their nation. Their peaceful spirits ultimately mutilated their diverse, established existence. One of the very first settlers to describe the Indians and the unfamiliar land was Thomas Morton of New England; his writing was influential to the many curious and unaware population. He writes of the Native’s devil- worship religion but also expressed respect for theirgenerosity and their…

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