Essay on Summary Of ' The Most Dangerous Game '

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Argumentative essay
Hunting, one of the worlds oldest activities, has recently come under scrutiny causing controversy. Some may argue hunters today have crossed the line and are hunting for mere enjoyment. On the contrary, hunting is more than just a sport, but an activity to benefit society overall. As stated in Connell’s short story, “The Most Dangerous Game” the protagonist believes, “The world is made up of two classes—the hunters and the huntees.” In essence, the world is broken up into groups, those who pursue and those who are pursued; Connell demonstrates hunting as a way of life. Hunting is a primal sport, which should be permitted to protect society, teach hunters necessary skills and manage the population of destructive animals.
Driscoll’s article, “Point: Hunting is the Ultimate Primal Sport” stresses the importance of the life lessons learned from participating in the activity known as hunting. To demonstrate, Driscoll states, “In fact, some professionals promote hunting as an excellent activity for building character and teaching the value of the natural world.” Essentially, Driscoll’s portrayal that hunters acquire valuable knowledge about their surroundings and environment. Hunters are able to develop their personality, while becoming more mature and learn to appreciate the nature that surrounds them. In addition, the article, “Point: Hunting is the Ultimate Primal Sport” includes, “Hunting requires the development of many skills…The hunter learns to…

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