Summary Of ' The ' I Feel Like ' My Antonia ' Essay

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Mr. Shimerda begs Jim to, "Te-e-ach, te-e-ach my Antonia", in the beginning of Book One. As the novel goes on, it is clear that Jim has learned much more throughout his and Antonia 's relationship. Although we have seen Antonia grow into an intelligent, confident, strong woman who has overcome many difficult obstacles, it seems that Jim has yet discovered the true cycle of life and how some memories are just more precious than others. Overall, I feel like, "My Antonia" is a coming of age novel, not just for Jim, but for all of the other characters as well.
In the beginning of the novel, Jim and Antonia are still very young. Jim has not yet become a teenager, and Antonia has only been one for a couple of years. He is newly-orphaned and is moving to Black Hawk, Nebraska with his hardworking, compassionate grandparents. Jim and Antonia go on many adventures together and become inseparable. Since the beginning of their friendship, Jim has always admired Antonia. She was eager to learn English, and learned it very easily and quickly. She also loved to help Jim 's grandmother around the house, in which she learns how to cook and clean, which comes in very handy in the following book. Jim realizes that Mr.Shimerda, Antonia 's father, may not be as happy as he should be, even very early in his and Antonia 's relationship. It is later revealed that he is not happy living in America and he misses his home back in Bohemia dearly. Jim also has a huge passion for nature and the world…

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