Summary Of Solomon Northup 's ' 12 Years A Slave ' Essay

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12 Years a Slave, by Solomon Northup, may have been one of the most important accounts of slavery published. Solomon Northup was a free man, given the right at birth, before he was kidnapped and taken from his home in New York. Solomon believed he was being looked at for a job opportunity. The book starts in Saratoga Springs in 1841, the year where Solomon’s 12 years would start. Slavery is a subject that isn’t always a subject that is touched as often upon as it should be, mostly for how shameful the actions made were. During this period, it was hard to establish concrete traits in America. Solomon Northup’s account of slavery gave much detail to draw conclusions from during such an ambiguous time in America’s history. Unlike other slave narratives, 12 Years a Slave offers specific names, dates, and places which creates more of a personal connection for people reading it, which is important because it creates a bigger impact on the readers. Solomon’s transformation, tone, and detail throughout the text show how the American identity proved to be faithful, hypocritical, more worried about economic prosperity than human life, and also exposing the underlying tensions in the nation.
Starting with the Constitutional Convention in 1787, there was much to go over after being let go from England, and all that was in place were the Articles of Confederation. During the Constitutional Convention, when the North mentioned debating that slavery was unconstitutional the South argued…

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