Summary Of A Good Man Is Hard To Find By Mary Flannery O Connor

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Mary Flannery O’ Connor mostly known as Flannery O’Connor, a real Southerner and a great writer who is known for her vivid short stories. Personally, A Good Man is Hard to Find and The River caught my eye and left me with a mark. Her style is known as Southern Gothic and her stories are very similar amongst one another. Indirect characterization is used heavily in The River and A Good Man is Hard to Find.
O’Connor was born in Savannah, Georgia on March 25, 1995. O’Connor was only child and lived in Savannah for 12 until her family and she moved to Milledgeville, Georgia after her father became terribly ill with disseminated lupus. Afterwards her mother and herself continued living in Milledgeville and O’Connor continued studying. She went to
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O’Connor uses actions and feelings to sculpt her in the beginning of the story. For instance, when she says “She was seizing at every chance to change Bailey’s mind” (182 A Good Man is Hard to Find) , you can rapidly tell her persistence in wanting to change her son’s mind. The Grandmothers persistence gives us a base on how she is. After three tries of trying to change Bailey’s mind, she brings her cat along the ride even though her son did not like to bring along the cat. Although the Grandmother seems to see herself as a well-mannered lady her actions throughout the story say otherwise. A great example is, when the Grandmother is looking out the window and starts talking about the old plantation she would visit when she was younger. The more she talked about it the more she wanted to visit it, but she knew Bailey would not want to waste time so she started talking about a secret panel. The Grandmother knew if the children made enough of a tantrum, Bailey would do anything to make them stop. So she continued, “Not telling the truth but wishing that she were”, (18? A Good Man Is Hard to Find) and she was right about the children. So Bailey went to look for the house but the Grandmother started to realize the plantation she was talking about was not in Georgia but in Tennessee. More importantly, she knew if she said anything Bailey was going to get upset. A …show more content…
The beginning of the story starts with, “The child stood glum and limp in the middle of the dark living room while his father pulled him into a plaid coat.”(1 The River) very much like A Good Man; where O’Connor starts off telling us the Grandmother did not want to go to Florida. Anyhow, in the car ride with Harry and Mrs. Connin, Harry says his name is Bevel because he saw the way Mrs. Connin reacts towards the preacher. After Harry tells her his name is Bevel, which it isn’t, “She stood looking down at him as if he had become a marvel to her.”(3 The River). Not only does Harry seem to seek attention, he is a very observant child. In the car ride, he looks at the handkerchief and its details Mrs. Connin gave to him. Harry also observes Mrs. Connins house and all her pictures. A great example is, when Harry goes with the three boys to pigpen. Harry had never seen a pig in real life, just in books. He notices that the pigs aren’t cute and pink like in the books, they are, “Gray and sour-looking” (5 The River). After Harry’s bad encounter with the pig, he learned about Jesus. Mrs. Connin told him Jesus created him and he was going to get saved after he met preacher Bevel. When they went to go meet preacher Bevel, Harry didn’t expect to get baptized. This part of the scene is truly crucial to the story. While preacher Bevel is talking, Mr. Paradise is screaming at him that he is a fool and a

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