Suicide : Is It A Personal Choice? Essay

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Suicide: Is It A Personal Choice? In Janice Mirikitani’s “Suicide Note,” a young girl is writing a note to her parents on a cold, snowy night telling them the reason she took her own life. Mirikatini writes this note from the young Asian-American’s pressure-filled mind who has battled with the feeling of being “not good enough” for too long. This poem is filled with many comparisons and analogies that descriptively illustrate what the girl that Mirikitani writes about was thinking and feeling. The suicide note displays the overwhelming pressure that young adults feel from their families and friends, how prevalent suicide is in today’s society, and how Asian-American background can subconsciously influence toward suicide. The young girl begins her note with these words, “How many notes written… ink smeared like birdprints in snow” (Mirikitani 366). The young girl’s beginning statement implies that this is not a sudden decision; her thoughts and feelings have brewed in her mind for some time now. The girl then goes on to address her parents, “Dear mother and father. I apologize for disappointing you”(Mirikitani 366). Throughout the text, Mirikitani conveys the girls’ apologies to her parents for failing them so many times because the girl feels as if she is was “not good enough” for her parent’s expectations (367). The girl goes on to describe her father’s dream of a son with wide hands that could work with a muscled build full of self-confidence (Mirikitani 367). In…

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