Subsistence Agriculture Essay

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Ecosystem ecology and climate change:
What are the costs and benefits of industrial vs. subsistence agriculture, organic farming, pesticide use?
Summary of issue:

For thousands of years, the biological science of agriculture has enabled the human race to germinate, and grow into the billions of citizens that we see today. This ever-growing population, however, has put a strain on the once predominant agricultural practice of subsistence and organic farming and facilitated the scientific development of industrial agriculture and pesticide use to battle the threat of food insecurity. These different practices have cultivated a split within the farming community and sparked a scientific debate as to the best practices for sustaining food
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The authors denote the ideas and practices of industrial agriculture, and how they can be used to supplement the shortcomings subsistence and organic farming, on a more global scale. They introduce the idea of their crops and practices being able to reach the impoverished, densely populated, and marginal farm lands that subsistence and organic farming cannot. The author also presents the idea of the misconceptions being presented by supporters of subsistence and organic farming, and he brings forth the idea that industrial farming is more environmentally friendly than presumed, because industrial practices do not rely on fewer water sources in order to grow their crops, and their potentially harmful pesticide use has steadily diminished throughout the years. He also goes on to highlight the benefits of more income and surplus for industrial farmers as their potential crop loss due to biological forces and spoilage is mitigated by their practices. The weakness of this resource is that it is somewhat highly technical, and not easily understood, and the information presented represents a particular narrow interest

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