Essay about Student Loan Debt Of America

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Student Loan Debt in America Millions of Americans are currently knee deep in student loan debt. The number of students leaving college with debt is at an all time high. With the average student taking six years to get their college degree and the price of college tuition being at an all time high it 's hard for students to plan the rest of their without factoring in all their debt. College has always been seen as one of the only ways to ensure a solid future, but when students are needing to take out massive loans in order to pursue their college career it 's hard to not have negative effects. The cost of college for most is nearly impossible to afford without some sort of financial aid, like a loan. Solutions need to arise referring to student loan debt before it starts to prevent students from pursuing a college degree. The federal government over the past few years has become the primary source of student loans. Within their policy they allow monthly payment caps in order to make paying off the loan affordable. Although these safety nets have been put in place they have many severe flaws to them. One of the major flaws within the system. The Federal government also gives colleges a lot of leeway. The better loan services are also much more expensive and students can’t afford it with all their debt. In the next 10 years if the particle student loan debt were to be forgiven it could cost taxpayers up to $250 billion dollars. (Edwards, Altman, Miller,…

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