Strengths And Weaknesses Of Gender

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Women tend to have a longer life expectancy than men. However, some women experience high mortality rates. An example of this includes: Black African women who are asylum seekers are estimated to have a mortality rate which is 7 times higher compared to the mortality rate for White women-especially due to problems in accessing maternal healthcare. The poorer outcomes for men based on their life expectancy are getting worse by socio-economic situations. A woman who is from a professional social class is expected to live 5 years longer compared to a man who is in the same social class as them, but nearly 12 and a half years longer than a man who is from a partly skilled social class. Whereas, a man in a professional social class is expected
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The strengths of gender are that quite a lot of information which is gathered shows that there is evidence that the rate of ill-health in women is higher compared to men. Also, there is reliability in a majority of information which is available. However, the weaknesses of gender are that information which is collected is not always reliable. This may happen because it can be quite difficult to defy health and ill-health. Certain information which is gathered by organisations can sometimes be biased. Also, there might be a lack of training on gender issues. Women seem to be shy during group discussions. Another weakness of gender is that women do not have the right to use modern machines and other technologies. People who are ill might not always be able to go to the doctors as the cause of death is reliant on the understandings of the doctors and people may get scared to hear that they have a serious health illness and will be dying …show more content…
The strengths of the statistical artefact explanation are that researchers are able to classify difficulties of measurements which are usually used for different systems of the social class of people. The strength of the statistical artefact explanation was that sociologists were able to draw attention to the importance of reliability which may continue to do and validate more research. This is because evidence which is investigated can have been false. Another strength of the statistical artefact explanation was that any evidence which was created can be useful for quite a lot of people and was referred to people in general. However, the weaknesses of the statistical artefact explanation are that this explanation suggests that the social class of people is far more important than the ethnicity of people which explains inequalities, since the ethnic minority is likely to be poorer. However, this is seen as a problem as it seems to gather a number of other variables such as gender; patterns are created due to the way the researchers collect the data. Also, it focuses on statistics and data which have been collected and the statistical artefact explanation does not actually examine cases, solutions and results which any information may be provided may be biased and not

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