Essay on Strength Based Practice : What Does Your Program Look Like?

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Strength-based practice
What does your program look like? The main population for this program will be Indigenous youth ages fifteen to eighteen who are in high school. This program will focus on protective factors as it is important to develop. Resilience is
“the capability of individuals and systems to cope successfully in the face of significant adversity or risk. This capability develops and changes over time, and is enhanced by protective factors within the individual/system and the environment, and contributes to the maintenance or enhancement of health” (Health Canada, n.d, 89). For this program, we will meet for an hour over lunch once a week. During this time, we will have a healthy lunch that is supplied by the program, then do a game, a craft or take part in a culturally appropriate activity. Education is a key component of this program as the youth need to be educated on what the disorder means for them. As well as how to prevent the disorder from occurring in the baby if they get pregnant or get someone pregnant and resources available in general. For these education sessions I would acquire help from professionals, for instance, about the youth’s health needs I would bring in doctors and nurses. For information about resources available to them, I would bring in community leaders and other organizations and programs.
Along with the weekly lunch meetings, we will also meet outside of the school. Once or twice a month we will also meet in the evening to do…

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