Strategy Implementation at Dell Computer Essay

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Dell Computer is at the forefront of the computer industry, with the company serving multiple sectors of the market, including households, businesses, educational facilities, and even governmental agencies. The company started small under Michael Dell, who was 19 years old in 1984 when the company began. Dell initially had $1,000 to use on computers parts that he assembled into PCs and sold over the phone. However, the demand for PCs continued to rise, and Dell had to begin to expand the company. It moved to a five-employee staff working around a table assembling computers while taking orders, and eventually, by 1993, Dell had 4,500 workers and had to hire additional employees each week to keep up with the continually rising demand for …show more content…
Throughout the 2000s, Dell has had to contend with competition from Apple and HP, so he altered the company’s structure yet again to employ computer hardware products such as workstations, servers, and storage devices. Also, Dell computer began to utilize the Internet in order to better match supply with the specific needs of customers. Presently, Dell Computer is using the company’s corporate Intranet to coordinate activities across the variety of divisions. The tall structure is shrinking and managers are empowering employees and delegating more decision making to them. Dell is using outsourcing in India to continue to cut costs as much as possible. Dell Computer’s focus is currently furthering and developing techniques that can enable them to reduce costs to the fullest extent possible while still providing premier customer service and products to its customers.

1. Dell has existed in an ever-changing industry with the needs of the customers it serves rapidly changing. In order to respond to these constantly changing customer needs while still maintaining the reputation it has developed as being a low-cost company that prides itself on customer service, Dell has had to transform its organizational structure. The company began very small, but quickly expanded by the mid 1990s. At this time, Dell implemented a

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