Strategy Analysis : Abc Foods Essay

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Understanding the problems that a business can face and being prepared to face it with minimal financial damage to the company is very important. Companies should always have an escape route in case of emergency and things don’t go as planned. Thus understanding potential failures and their effects is very important. This helps the company come up with solutions or escape routes if they face such issues during operations. The possible solutions should also be evaluated and selected based upon the efficiency of the solution and how well can it help the company tackle and/or avoid the issues in operations. The solutions should be forecasted according to strategic forecasts, for medium to long term strategy analysis, and tactical forecasts, for short term forecasts in day to day operations (Jacobs & Chase, 2014). ABC Foods have analyzed the issues it can face after their expansion to delivering their products. There are two major failures in operations they can face during this phase. To tackle these failures, ABC Foods have come up with the following potential solutions:
1. Plan a trial phase: ABC Foods will initiate a trial phase for a week. During this trial phase, the company will keep track of the work load of the delivery operations. The daily volume of delivery as well as time to deliver to each customer will be recorded. This information will help the company understand if they need to add or cut down number of trucks and delivery being used.
2. Hire technical…

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