Stop Blaming Teachers By Anne Perrin Essays

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When I was growing up, my older brother and I would often get into a lot of trouble together. We were always arguing and having stupid fights, and occasionally we would break a thing or two. My mom would get furious every time one of her trinkets crashed to the floor. Being the younger and much smaller one, my brother always forced me to take the blame, even if he had started the fight that caused the worthless object to break. This didn’t happen very often, but even as a small child, I hated having to be held responsible for something I didn’t entirely do. Now, imagine being an adult and having this happen to you everyday. Anne Perrin’s article “Stop Blaming Teachers” draws attention to how the No Child Left Behind law has negatively affected public schools. Throughout high school, I was able to see how this law damaged public education through the application of standardized testing, which created a system focused on federal funding, placing blame on teachers, and cheating hardworking students out of their accomplishments.
Perrin argues that the government’s influence on public education with the No Child Left Behind law is ruining public schools. This law was created with the intention of increasing the nation’s world standings in academics through the use of standardized testing, which students must pass with at least a proficient score. Perrin states that one of the main problems with standardized testing is that it causes teachers to “put aside curriculum and teach…

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