Stereotypes And Racial Prejudice Against Asians Were Developed During This Time Period

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One of the main targets that propaganda aimed to dehumanize was the Japanese through spreading the views of inhumane and racist perspectives on them. Many of the stereotypes and racial prejudice against Asians were developed during this time period. Propaganda exaggerated these stereotypical features in their visual in order to push Americans to unify against the Japanese (Miles). This sudden surfacing racism was caused by the Pearl Harbor attack which led to American citizens to feel personally and directly attack as opposed to witnessing the war from the other side of the world. The propagandists used this reason to justify their visuals when adding offensive animalistic features to the Japanese descent depicted in their illustration. In a poster depicting a “Japanese” man attacking an “American” woman, the idea of dehumanization of the Japanese race is implied. With bold large letters, the poster accuses the Japanese man to be “…the enemy” (“This is the Enemy”). Obviously, directing the negativity towards the “Japanese” man shows how the creator of the propaganda wanted to clearly show the message of who the “enemy” is. The fact that the artist included the American women helps evoke even more emotion and anger within American citizens due to the societal expectation of needing to “protect” the women of America. Another horrid poster that exemplifies the racism towards Japanese in propaganda is “The Tokio Kid.” The stereotypical “Asian accent”, small eyes, and big teeth…

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