Stereotype : A Threat Of Intellectual Identity And Performance

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Stereotype: A Threat to Intellectual Identity and Performance
According to Claude Steele and Joshua Aronson, one cause of the relatively poor achievement faced by African Americans in school and by women in math and science-related fields is stereotype threat. This theory is based on the assumption that school success results from self-identification with the school and its subdomains which entails sustained motivation. If this relationship isn’t formed or is broken, achievement may suffer. Additionally, both authors advocate that an understanding and elimination of stereotype threats in an educational environment, also called “wise schooling,” is a solution to narrowing the performance gaps seen between the minority groups and white male students.
Stereotype threat is a fear of being reduced to a negative stereotype in a situation where that stereotype applied. For example, there have long been negative stereotypes about African Americans’ ability in scholastic domains as well as women’s in mostly math and physical science domains. Although Black and White students commence with comparable standardized test scores, a visible discrepancy emerges by the sixth grade. This reminds me of Cross’s racial identity theory. During the same period of time, teenagers are becoming aware of their racial identity and status. Thus, it’s not surprising that they also begin to notice the prevailing stereotypes about their group in the society and form notions about intellectual ability.…

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