Steps Implement Infection Control Practices Essay

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Important Steps to Implement Infection Control Practices in ASCs

Implementing proper infection control practices is crucial for any ambulatory surgical center (ASC). The people who work at such a facility must take every precaution possible to ensure the health of those who are treated there. By following a few basic steps, ambulatory surgical workers can keep their environment safe for everyone involved.

Following the Latest Industry Regulations and Guidelines

When starting a program to implement infection control, one of the most important steps to remember is that industry regulations and guidelines must be followed. Workers must be updated on any policy changes at a facility and in the industry. Strict compliance to regulations should be expected of every worker at a facility, and this expectation should be made clear to every staff member.

Currently, several guidelines have been put in place by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). All healthcare facilities, including ASCs, must create and make their workers aware of codes of conduct regarding infection prevention. Every surgery site must have an antiseptic available, and the antiseptic agent must offer antimicrobial activity that is broad-spectrum, fast-acting, and persistent. Before every procedure, all of the members of a surgical team must properly wash their forearms and the other areas of their arms. The day prior to their arrival at a surgical facility, patients must be instructed to take an antiseptic…

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