Essay on Stephen King 's ' Quitters Inc.

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There are hundreds of methods to help people quit smoking; from quitting cold turkey to using alternative nicotine sources, yet even with the countless options less 6% have actually had success with quitting their destructive habit. Stephen King, in his short story “Quitters Inc.,” vividly shows the struggles of quitting through his tone, symbolism, and characterization. King displays the harmful effects addiction has in every aspect of that person’s life, along with how paranoia and protectiveness can clarify the mental state of an addict. Stephen King’s inspiration likely comes from his personal childhood. When Stephen was only two, his father abandoned his entire family after he went to the store to buy a pack of cigarettes ( ). Consequently, in “Quitter’s Inc.,” the family life of both Morrison and McCann were tense and strained prior to their decision to quit. The short story begins by showing how Morrison’s life seems to be a mess compared to is old friend Mr. McCann; McCann has been flourishing lately and told Morrison that quitting smoking had changed his life. Morrison being intrigued by this, decided to look into the company that McCann had suggested. Before he knows it, he is trapped being forced to quit smoking or his wife and mentally handicapped son will be punished progressively worse every time he smokes. Morrison is under complete surveillance at all times and the first time he cheats his wife is kidnapped and electrocuted. Being under that immense amount…

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