Stephen Hawking Theory

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Stephen Hawking: A Man of Many Theories

"Intelligence is the ability to adapt change," Stephen Hawking once quoted. The man himself said that to explain that we need to get used to, or "adapt to" the new discoveries of the world. Stephen Hawking really revolutionized the world of science. He discovered black holes and ventured into the world of space and time theory. So, Hawking is a very important figure of the world when it comes to discoveries.

Early Life

Stephen Hawking was born into the world on January 8th of 1942, exactly 300 years after Galileo's death (2 The previous information was found on this web adress: Unfortunately, Hawking's birth came at a rather bad time for his parents. They
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With medical knowledge though, Stephen's father recognized his symptoms and took him to see a professional. Stephen was reluctant at first but he had a feeling something was wrong when his father noticed it. When the two arrived at the medical clinic, the doctors performed various step on the anxious young adult. Hawking described the test as an endless task that he thought would never end. Unfortunately everything went downhill from there. The doctors diagnosed him with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS for short. This was very devastating for the Hawking family and especially for Stephen himself. This didn't stop him though. He continued to persevere and finish his ongoing studies at university. One of his many inspirations was his room mate in the hospital, a boy struggling to overcome leukemia. Hawking noticed that this boy was so brave through chemo and testing, so he thought he should be brave too. Hawking later left the hospital and continued on with his research. All in all, Hawking is a very brave and impactful scientist. He will continue to provide great information to the public about his research on space. (1 The previous information was found on this web adress:


Stephen Hawking has made a big difference in the world with his theories and discoveries he has
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He was born during world war and his family moved to London so his dad could work at the division of parasitology at the national institute for medical research even though they were at risk of being bombed by the German air forces. The biggest problem he had was ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease. He was diagonsed with it was when he was 21 and was told he would only have two to three years to live. Although he was told that he survived way longer than his doctors had thought. During the time he had ALS he had caught phenumia which severly messed up his respitiory system.

How He Became Famous

Stephen hawking, the world-renowned British theoretical physicist, became famous because all of his work with black holes. He has also became famous with general relativity and quantum gravity theory. Stephen has also published many best selling books, his most famous is called, ''A Brief History of Time''.

Stephen Hawking's Impact on Science and us

The Inspiration

Stephen Hawking should be an inspiration to all of us, because against all odds he survived terminal illness. Professor Stephen Hawking did not only survive the illness, he thrived with it. At the age of 21, Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with ALS, among other names schlerosis or motor nuerone disease, This terrible disease slowly confined him more and more. Eventually pressure was put on by his friends and family,

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