Essay on Stem Research On Stem Cell Research

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The intern sighed as she threw away, yet again the remains of a manipulated human embryo into the receptacle. As the intern began to clean the petri dish that once held such a small but significant life, she wondered how the rest of the scientists took killing an innocent life so lightly. Stem cell research is beneficial because it helps to further the research towards the cure of diabetes, cancer, other various diseases and illnesses, and the advancement in the growth of such stem cells also helps further the research in organ growth. However, some ways the scientists conduct and carry out stem cell research is neither morally correct nor practical.
Stem cell research helps further the advancement in the curing of diseases such as diabetes and cancer. According to Comparative Biosciences Inc., “over 128 million Americans suffer from diseases and injuries that could be treated or cured with new stem cell therapies.” Doctors have vigorously attempted to cure diabetes by injecting patients with pancreatic islet cells (cells within the pancreas that secrete insulin), however, by doing this, the “injection exerts metabolic requisition on insulin producing cells and will possibly burn out the patient’s ability to produce insulin all together.” But due to the stem cell’s self-renewing capabilities, they are able to produce the desired type of cell in order to generate more insulin. “Some stem cells are found within the biliary tree, which is a system of vessels that directs…

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