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Remington’s Steakhouse Project
Brian Jones
Research Methods & Applications
Dr. Jones
August 25, 2011

Table of Contents
Table of Contents 2
List of Tables 3
Introduction 4
The Research Objectives 4
The Research Questions 5
Literature Review 6
Answers to Research Questions 8
Recommendations to Remington’s 15
References 18
Annotated Bibliography 19
Appendix(ces) 22

List of Tables
Table 1 Demographic Description of the Average Remington’s Patron9
Table 2 Reported Income by Remington’s Questionnaire Respondents9
Table 3 Importance Ratings when Selecting a Restaurant11
Table 4 Perception Measures of Remington’s Steakhouse Patrons12
Table 5 Relationship Measures of Remington’s Steakhouse Patrons12
Table 6 Patron
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This satisfaction can be broken up into two areas, operational and attitudinal. The operational area deals with the functioning of the business and attitudinal relates to the customer’s perception about the service (Schall, 2003). Both areas have different impacts on customer’s overall satisfaction.
The complex nature of customer attitudes is further complicated by the fact that disgruntled patrons are increasing saving their complaints for later. This seems to provide for an untenable situation for dealing with those unhappy customers. However, owners can aggressively solicit these complaints to retain what may have been a lost customer (Prewitt, 2008).
Eliwa (1993) articulated the solution rather succinctly:
The service that a fine dining restaurant provides is what makes the customers want to come back and enjoy the same nice experience. Today’s customers are price-value oriented. Therefore, the offerings of added value features and highly quality service should live up to their expectations (p.91). Remington’s faces many challenges, both internally and externally, to meeting customer’s expectations. The perceived satisfaction of the patrons turning them into repeat customers should be the ultimate goal of any service industry company.
Answers to Research Questions
Through the use of statistics, the following numerically

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