Essay about Stalin 's Cult Of Personality During The Soviet Times

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The film also wants to expose “bad press” about Stalin as false. It shows us “the real Stalin.” Here, Stalin is portrayed by Mikhail Gelovani, the Georgian who looks extremely like him, and who spent a great amount of time trying to sound and act like Stalin. The film can be called a pure fabrication, as it showed Stalin as a caring leader, who was only strict when it came to the military conflicts. Generally, he was pretty easy-going and pleasant to talk to, according to the film. Nowadays, this film is one of the main ones that demonstrate the cult of personality during the Soviet times. The personality of Stalin was idolized, which was quite similar to what happened in Germany, where Hitler was worshiped like a god. The film showed that Stalin had no flaws and did everything right, which resulted in an ultimate victory. It completely omits the role of the talented Russian officers and marshals, many of whom Stalin imprisoned or murdered after the World War II. Everyone else in the film seems to be very minor, compared to the great political leader. Cinema was very effective when it came to manipulating people. It was easy to understand and did not require any special skill to be read. Media made people respect Stalin and ignore all of the mistakes that he was making. Such blind obedience was something that the government aimed at.
A German film that is very similar to Fall of Berlin is Theresienstadt. Although it did not intend to show Hitler’s caring and loving…

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