School Speech Code Violation

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The first amendment of the United states constitution guarantees the right of free expression; includes freedom of assembly, press, religion and speech. The organization FIRE “Foundation for Individual Right Education” defends this acts in the academic society across colleges and university nationwide. Academic freedom of thought, speech and fairness has changed drastically thorough out the years. What was acceptable then it’s now viewed with sensitive eyes and ears. Professor Charles Kors says on video Who’s Too Weak to Live with Freedom? “It is a treating of young adults as helpless infants unable to chart their own way in a world that isn’t always neat and comfortable.” (Belaker) FIRE is advocating the American freedom all across the universities and colleges were the …show more content…
The students who belong to the Young American for Liberty chapter were stopped from passing copies of the U.S Constitution. Administrators advise that they were in restricted area when Burch walked up to other students distributing the literature. The restriction comes from the National Security Agency. This agency limits the free speech zone to 1/3-acre area on the edge of the 115-acre campus of the University of Hawaii. FIRE’s Stand Up for Speech Ligation project facilitated these two student in being able to reach a settlement with the University of Hawaii. The university revised the speech policy system which allows free speech and distribution of literature in all areas for students and the community. Vizzone says “If your university has speech codes that are unconstitutional don’t be afraid to challenge them. (Another Student Stopped From Handing out Constitution) The elimination of campus censorship by speech code is the strive that Stand Up for Speech (SUFS) a litigation project hopes to

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